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2024 Time Period
Weeks Schedule

Overall Floor Plan

CARIBEL CONDOMINIUMS time periods for sale as of 5/22/24:

• Unit 11AB, time period 2

For pricing and information about unit 11AB, time period 2 please contact Konrad Witkowski:
email:, mobile: 214-213-3439

• Unit 11AB, time period 6

For pricing and information about unit 11AB, time period 6 please contact Bill & Linda Easterly:
email:, Bill's mobile: 580-541-2591, Linda's mobile: 580-554-8508

• Unit 13AB, time period 4

For pricing and information about unit 13AB, time period 4 please contact Riley & Christine Simpson:
email:, Christine's mobile: 940-704-5822, Riley's mobile: 940-704-5828

Even # Units = Lakeside | Odd # Units = Valleyside

Fractional Ownership Information:

The Caribel consists of 16 condominiums with 6 FO’s (fractional ownerships) available in each. Ownership in the Caribel entitles you to exclusive rights to your unit and all amenities during your specified purchased time. Also, a warranty deed is issued making you 1/96 owner of the entire property!

Each FO consists of 8 weeks per year, 3 summer weeks, 3 winter weeks, 1 spring week, and 1 fall week. These periods are definite and are repeated each year. If you choose not to utilize your unit during any of your time, the Caribel manager may rent it for you. The revenue split is at 25% to the CRA (Caribel Renter’s Association) and 75% to the owner (subject to change).

An annual assessment fee of $2900.00 (subject to change) is paid by each owner to cover management, salaries, maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurances and other costs. This fee may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. General questions can be answered by the manager but questions on cost, payment, rental activity etc. need to be between the buyer and the seller.

Angelique Gonzales,
Property Manager